Bathroom Trends of 2017

Trends change from year to year, as we all know. So, what are the bathroom trends for 2017? Here are a few of the most popular:

Smart storage
Take advantage of vertical space and don’t be afraid to take your cabinetry up the wall … even open shelving is a great option in the bathroom.

Classic whites
The ever classic and clean white subway tile isn’t going out of style anytime soon, especially when used with dark color grout as it is less likely to get stained.

Curb-less showers
Not only do these minimalistic showers make your bathroom look bigger, but they let homeowners age in place as they are easy to access no matter what.

Three dimensional tile
This type of tile lets you make a statement with fun patterns!

Bathroom music
Electronics in the bathroom are becoming more and more common – whether it’s wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices, docking stations, etc., they are being incorporated into mirrors, shower heads, vanities and the like. Even TVs are becoming popular in the bathroom to let you get caught up with the latest news or a tv show while you get ready.

In floor heat and towel warmers
Nothing is more appealing than not being freezing once you step out of the shower so we totally get why these trends are sticking around.  If you don’t want to spring for the heated floors, towel warmers are a great option to keep you nice and warm right out of the shower at a much lower price point.

Free standing tubs
If you have the space to spare, you won’t regret putting a free-standing tub in your bathroom!

Mismatched tiles
Combining multiple types of tiles is a great way to spice up your bathroom look!

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